Molina puts “overused” narrative to rest

Every season it seems we’re talking about how much Mike Matheny has been using Yadier Molina. When he slumps or gets injured in the second half, it becomes a talking point to criticize Matheny. Every spring the team pays the fans lip service that they’re looking for ways to rest Molina more, so that he can be around when the team needs him most. And every September he’s still racked up as many innings as the year before.

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I still believe in Jhonny Peralta, just not for this year

Since returning from his DL stint on August 2nd, Jhonny Peralta has hit .257/.307/.371 with 2 home runs and 11 RBI. He has appeared in 42 games and started 37 of them. But those numbers are carried by a better August and have dropped in September, where he is hitting .213 and has just four extra base hits in 54 plate appearances.

I agree with a lot of Cardinals fans: It’s time to sit Jhonny Peralta.

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Quick Hits: Staff ERA by Shortstop

Jumping off of my discussion in the Mike Leake article from last week about his ERA based on who was his shortstop, I decided that it might be worthwhile running it for everyone. What I found was a little disappointing, because after all that time, I’m not sure I found anything worth discussion. But since I took the time, I figured I’d put it out here.

There’s some shortcomings to this concept. Most importantly is that the shortstop does not always get involved in rough games. For example, you have games like Greg Garcia did on May 29th where he played the whole game and only notched one defensive chance while the Cardinals allowed 10 earned runs.

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Quick Hits: Leake is actually having a career year

If you’re like me, I was really excited at the prospect of bringing in Mike Leake. As I wrote last winter, my expectations for Leake were high because he’s a ground ball pitcher who is coming from one of baseball’s hitter’s paradises to one of the most pitcher friendly ballparks in the league. That should have meant the potential for a career year.

And he’s had it. The results just haven’t shown it.

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Quick Hits: Why don’t postseason stats count?

Last Friday, Mark Teixeira announced that he was retiring from baseball after the season. The 36 year old first baseman has battled injuries the past few seasons and while he was interested in playing, those injuries likely pushed him towards calling it quits.

But Elias Sports, courtesy of ESPN Stats, pointed out an interesting statistic about Teixeira that adds color to a point I made weeks ago about postseason stats in my discussion about Pete Rose and Ichiro Suzuki’s hit totals.

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