Cardinals Approval Ratings: Introduction

If you’ve been around the United Cardinal Bloggers long enough, I’m sure everyone is aware of the Preseason Approval Ratings that Daniel at C70 at the Bat does during Spring Training. You can find them at the end of several posts or the summary in the sidebar of his page. However, I came up with a way to take it a notch further.

After consulting with Daniel about the idea (because I am basically borrowing the core idea from him), the Cardinals Approval Ratings will appear next week. Basically, I will poll the feelings of whatever Cardinals fans I can get the survey in front of and they will rank their satisfaction with the performance of the player from 0-10. The first will be the calibration to make sure this idea will work and to get a good starting number for each manager or player listed.

This will be something that I repeat in the final week of each month as the season progresses. The end goal will be to track the change in fan perception as the season goes on. Does it remain constant? Does is fluctuate with on field performance? Do recent games impact it more than others?

To me, there are several very interesting things that could be tracked and stated about these. Then each month I will do a wrap-up post where I list the summary of some of the more interesting numbers to emerge from the survey.

The inaugural list, which will probably run from Wednesday of next week until the following Tuesday, will feature Cardinals’ management and most of the players who were in Spring Training. At the bottom it will also have some survey questions that might be part of a future post at Redbird Dugout in the future. I thought it would be an interesting addition to a post to not only be able to mention my feelings, but the general feelings of Cardinals fans.

Look for the survey at the middle of next week. You can follow Redbird Dugout on Twitter or Like us on Facebook and you can get the notification there. Or you can catch the retweet from me on Twitter @jondoble.