We Are Cardinal Nation

So by now, I’m sure everyone is aware that the 2011 Cardinals television commercials have been released online. Remember the old days when you had to watch TV to see commercials?

The new tagline this year is “We Are Cardinal Nation.” Personally, I preferred the “Play like a Cardinal” tagline of the previous couple years.

The ads feature Lance Berkman trying to pick a number, Red Schoendienst showing he’s still got it, Schumaker giving Fredbird advice, Fredbird climbing out of his tree to report to Spring Training, Matt Holliday hitting home runs with a variety of things, Fredbird cranking up the hot dog gun, and the bullpen eating donuts.

Some quick thoughts on a couple of them. On the commercial where Schumaker is giving Fredbird advice on his ‘beaking,’ it made me wonder if he got similar advice from Fredbird last season on how to play second base. Then, in the commercial with Fredbird and the hot dog gun, I’m sure the mascot gained a few fans as he tried to take Tony LaRussa out.

My personal favorite was Berkman’s attempts to pick a number. Adam Wainwright asks Berkman what number he’s going to wear and every one that he chooses has been retired by the team and Wainwright informs him of it. At one point, Berkman seems to grab a number out of thin air, “What about 85?” only to find out that it’s retired too.

A close second would have been the bullpen sharing a box of donuts. Jason Motte comes in and complains that there aren’t any more powdered donuts and Ryan Franklin sprinkles the rosin bag over the donut. Motte takes a bite and says “that’s good.” The commercial would have surpassed the Berkman commercial for me if Motte had said something to the effect of “good save” after taking a bite.

However, I’m sure the commercial with Red Schoendienst will take home the honor of favorite commercial in the voting because Cardinals fans have a sense of the history of the game. It’s one of the reasons I love the Cardinals. They have a storied past and fans that understand and respect it. And as I check the results, it currently has a 10% lead over the Hot Dog Gun commercial.

The noticeable thing to me was that Pujols was not featured in any of the commercials. He puts his arm around Fredbird at the end of the one where Fredbird is climbing out of the tree to report to Spring Training. Makes me think the team is trying to sell the other players rather than Pujols. That, in itself, could have a variety of meanings if we wanted to look into that. However, I’m a little tired of writing about Pujols lately, and I’m sure the majority of the UCB would agree.

All things considered, I love the ads. They are one of the things I look forward to every year that helps signal that the season is right around the corner. I also have a great idea for a commercial for next year. 15 days until the season begins.

What were your favorites?