Game 11: Diamondbacks 13, Cardinals 8

It was a Cardinals loss to the Diamondbacks. I didn’t even need to watch to find that out because I awoke this morning to a Facebook message from my brother (who is a Diamondbacks fan) enjoying his victory. Of course, he was oddly quiet following Monday’s game.
The offense finally showed up for Chris Carpenter. Unfortunately, we got a different Chris Carpenter than we got in his first two starts this season. Carpenter didn’t even make it to the fifth inning, and ironically, he still has allowed more runs that the offense has scored for him. The Cardinals scored 8 runs in this game and Carpenter allowed 8 runs in his 4 innings of work. 
It was an odd night though as it seemed that no pitcher was good enough to get everyone out.

In what is hopefully a signal of Albert Pujols turning it around, he went 3-for-5 at the plate, scoring a run. I’m a bit wary to fully declare Pujols out of his slow start because everyone hit last night. The only Cardinal player who played the majority of the game and failed to get a hit was Yadier Molina (more on him in a moment). So he’ll have to do it tonight too to show that he’s beginning the turnaround. It’d be good for the Cardinals who need him desperately to stop slowing down the offense.

And now onto Yadier Molina. If memory serves, twice Schumaker was walked in front of him to load up the bases and twice he swung on the first pitch. Now, common sense says when you have a pitcher struggling to throw strikes and the bases loaded, you take some pitches. He had two opportunities to crack this game wide open, but failed to convert.

It was also bad news for the Cardinals on the injury front, as well. Brian Tallet tripped while racing to make a defensive play at first base and fell into Stephen Drew. The end result is that Tallet apparently has a fractured a bone in his glove hand. Tallet will be flying back to St. Louis to get an opinion on his hand. That wasn’t where the triage ended though, Bryan Augenstein strained his right groin while making a pitch in the seventh inning. He has hit the disabled list while they wait and see on Tallet. According to the beat writers, Fernando Salas and Eduardo Sanchez will both be brought to Phoenix to catch up with the big league club. Salas is expected to be promoted to take Augenstein’s spot while Sanchez will wait to hear what will happen with Tallet.

Hero of the Game: Lance Berkman continued his hot streak tonight as he picked up his third home run of the season in just two nights. Welcome to the St. Louis Cardinals, Mr. Berkman. (3-for-5, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI)

Zero of the Game: Mentioned earlier, bases loaded twice and did nothing. It has to go to Yadier Molina. (0-for-5, 7 LOB)