Game 18: Cardinals 5, Nationals 3

Let’s play two! In the second game of the double header, Jaime Garcia picked up his third win of the season to remain undefeated. For Garcia it wasn’t an exceptional start. He threw 101 pitches over 5+ innings of baseball, but the offense managed to provide him enough offense to keep the lead. 
The unsung hero of today’s win might just be the bullpen. Through 6 innings in the first game and 4 innings in the second game, the only runs allowed by the bullpen was the home run off of Franklin in the first game. Jason Motte, who threw an inning in each game, pitched a scoreless 6th. Eduardo Sanchez continued his strong run by going 6 up, 6 down in the 7th and the 8th before Mitchell Boggs showed Cardinals fans how games are supposed to be saved in the 9th. 

Nick Punto got a bloop RBI single in his first day back playing in the major leagues. For a guy who hasn’t seen much major league pitching this year and hasn’t played a real game in probably two months, it was a pretty solid performance for him.

Today’s offensive performance was what I like to see. No homers, but actually getting quality hits for the RBI.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such varied performance in games in a double header that we got today from Ryan Theriot. He went 4-for-5 in game 1 and then went 0-for-5 in game 2.

Hero of the Game: After much consideration, mainly between Lance Berkman and Jason Motte, I chose Berkman. Berkman added RBI in both the bottom of the 4th and the bottom of the 5th to help the Cardinals answer to the Nationals who tried to keep up with the Cards. I considered Motte because he shut them down in the 6th after the Cardinals solidified their lead. But it’s Berkman. (3-for-4, 1 R, 2 RBI)

Zero of the Game: Ryan Theriot’s slow game 2 earns him this honor. I considered Punto, but he had an RBI and he hasn’t played a real game all year. (0-for-5, 3 LOB)