Game 21: Reds 5, Cardinals 3

For the second straight game of the series, rain played a major role. Unfortunately, it was the Reds who took advantage after the rains stopped. Chris Carpenter, while not efficient, turned in a quality start for the Cardinals once again. Once again, his start went wasted as the bullpen would fail to hold onto it as he will go winless in April.
Fernando Salas turned in a perfect inning of relief before handing the ball to Miguel Batista in the 8th. Ironically, Batista was on the mound when the rains came the night before. However, for the Cardinals bullpen, it all fell apart in the 8th inning. I believe, the final four hitters for the Reds each had two strike counts and the Cardinals were unable to convert those to outs. 
For Batista, ironically he gets both a hold and picks up the loss for his 2/3rds of the inning. Trevor Miller will get a blown save for walking Jay Bruce that scored Drew Stubbs, and then Ryan Franklin was called upon with the bases loaded to try to work the Cardinals out of the jam. He didn’t, as Miguel Cairo doubled on an 0-2 pitch from Franklin to score the second and third runs of the inning.
Hero: Tonight’s hero will go to Albert Pujols, whose 6th inning solo shot was a go-ahead run and Cardinal fans were hoping that it would be the final run needed to win the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. (1-for-3, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 K)
Zero: As much as I would like to give it to Ryan Franklin, the complete implosion wasn’t his fault. It is a combination of Trevor Miller and Miguel Batista. Which of those two get it? Trevor Miller. Miller has been darned near ineffective this season. As our only left handed bullpen arm, he needs to step up. His last couple outings, he has been unable to do his job and Franklin has gotten the bad rap for it (thought that doesn’t absolve Franklin of his share of the fault). (0.0 IP, 1 BB, BS)