Preseason Approval Ratings: Position Players

Many readers are familiar with the Approval Ratings that Daniel at C70 at the Bat does over the course of the Spring. With his permission, I’m taking them to the next level (cue cool voice voicer).

I’m a little late, but real life has kept me away from writing much for the blog the last couple days. Today though, the Redbird Dugout Approval Ratings make their debut as I talk about our position players.

As mentioned during Wednesday’s UCB Radio Hour, the man who is now without his appendix is the highest rated Cardinal. That would be Matt Holliday. Holliday, who is entering his second full season, scored a 9.3 with Cardinals fans. Out of all the fans surveyed, he scored just one 7 and one 8 and the rest were 9s and 10s. Personally, I gave him a 10 because I he has far surpassed my expectations. When he came in, I expected him to be a .300, 20 HR guy because those were his career averages outside of Coors Field. Then he had his 2010 season and that all changed.

The second highest rated position player is none other than Albert Pujols. He scored a 9.0 from Cardinals fans. I find it interesting that he slots in behind Holliday, and also did on C70’s approval ratings. There are two potential reasons that Pujols falls, in my mind. First would be last season where his 7.3 WAR was the lowest WAR he’s had since his sophomore season in the majors and combine that where he slumped while the Cardinals kept falling farther and farther behind the Reds near the end of last season. Second would be with his contract situation. I know that I knocked him a point for it to just an 8. It takes two to tango and if they really wanted to come to an agreement over this offseason, Pujols and the Cardinals could have.

Moving on, we come to Yadier Molina, who came in third with an 8.0. Molina has been one of the most durable catchers in the major leagues. I know he caught the most innings in 2009, and I suspect he did the same in 2010 even with his removal from the lineup in the closing weeks to rest his knees. The knees and high innings are an issue to me, but that’s got nothing to do with my approval for Molina. Rather that rests on the guy who pencils him onto the lineup card everyday. I gave him a 9.

Colby Rasmus will be entering his third year in the majors, and most will tell you that it will be the make-or-break year for him. Mental maturity has impacted his success to this point, but he definitely has the physical tools. Despite some lack in his play last year on the defensive side of the ball, Rasmus still scored a 7.3 with the fans. In his third year and getting the opportunity to hit in front of Albert Pujols, Rasmus is poised to have a breakout year. Can he overcome the mental aspects of the game and put it all together? I’m excited to find out, I gave him a 7.

After spending the last half of last year on the disabled list, David Freese makes his return this season to the lineup. Despite the injury, Freese is probably riding high on his quick return from the injury and the performance he put on last season, when he was one of the top rookies when he went down with injury. Freese ended up with a 7.0 from the fans, and he got a 9 from me. Hopefully he can stay healthy this year and can become the player we all hoped.

A little surprising to me, but the next three guys on the list are expected to be bench players. Jon Jay scored a 6.9 from the fans and a 7 from me. Last season he proved himself a solid defender and solid with the bat. Coming off the bench, he’s going to do all we need him to do.

Allen Craig scored a 6.6 from the fans and got a 7 from me. I was a little surprised that he got relatively high marks. Many fans that I know think that he is nothing more than the AAAA player who is great in AAA, but below average in the majors. Personally, I think he can turn into a successful major leaguer if he gets a chance. With Holliday’s appendectomy, he seems to be ready to get that chance. Hopefully he takes it and runs with it.

Meanwhile, Daniel Descalso is riding his successful September as he scored a 6.2 from the fans and got a 7 from me. It’s no secret that I’ve called shotgun on the Descalso bandwagon and feel that he’s ready to start at second base. I’d love to see him take the starting role at second base away from Skip Schumaker this season, but he will hopefully get his chance there next season at least as Schumaker’s in the final season of his contract.

Back to the starters with Lance Berkman who scored a 6.0 with the fans. I gave him a 7, which wasn’t too far off. He suffered the case of getting a lot of 5s from people who didn’t want to make early judgements on new players.

Skip Schumaker comes in with a 5.7 from the fans. Schumaker had the largest disparity, as he was the only player to get a 1 and a 10 on his card. On the UCB Radio Hour, Mike Metzger of Stan Musial’s Stance said he would have given Schumaker high marks because he accepted the move from outfield to second base. I can understand that, but I gave him a 3. With experience, he should be improving at second base, but he’s not. And his bat fell off last year with the defensive struggles. To me, he’s just got more to show me before I can give him anything higher than a 5.

After Schumaker, comes Gerald Laird who scored a 5.6 with the fans. As the backup catcher, he doesn’t have much to do. I gave him an 8, but a lot of guys were reluctant to move him above a 5 because he’s new.

Then we have Tyler Greene who scored a 5.3 in the ratings. I gave him a 6 and was honestly surprised I had rated him that high. I’ve not been very impressed with Greene at any time. Well, except maybe that one diving catch in the outfield during spring training. But in general, I’ve not thought of him as a special player. I do hope he can prove me wrong though.

And the final player of our major league run is the new Ryan Theriot. Theriot scored a 4.9 in the ratings, and I had given him a 4. I’m not expecting much out of him and the slow start in spring training didn’t help that any. He was bouyed up with the 5s that a lot of guys gave new players. I think he is the player that is poised to vary the most this season.

I also had two minor league position players on the list. Last season’s first round draft pick, Zack Cox scored a 7.3 riding high on the way he finished the Arizona Fall League and the stories of him showing up early and working hard in the spring. Then Matt Carpenter is riding his strong spring to an 8.1 rating. I expect that to fall over the course of the season as people stop paying as close attention to him. Freese will likely have to get hurt before Carpenter is given an opportunity in the majors this year, and I don’t think anyone is wishing for that.

Look for the breakdown on pitchers on Monday morning. I’m about to dig in for game 2 of the 2011 season. Hopefully this one is better and the guys just had some Opening Day nerves on Thursday.