Preseason Approval Ratings: Survey Results

The final post in the series of the Cardinals’ preseason approval ratings. For those who aren’t familiar with the song that the line comes from in the photo caption, catch it YouTube here, it’s a 1996 classic. Today, I’m going to take a look at the final two ratings for management and the survey questions. And I’m not going to waste any time doing it!

Starting right off the bat, John Mozeliak. The Cardinals GM only scored a 6.5 on the approval ratings. Obviously his rating is hurting because of the recent lack of a contract for Albert Pujols. Personally, I gave him a 9, which was the highest rating anyone gave him.

Of course, you ask people what Mozeliak has done so wrong, and it’s hard to get an answer. He did break up the original MV3, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think that was ultimately the right decision. He did deal away Jess Todd, Chris Perez, and Luke Gregerson, but those were to fill organizational holes from a perceived strength (though Perez and Gregerson are two guys I’d love to have back). He did deal away Ryan Ludwick, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to be returning to St. Louis this year anyway and we did end up re-signing Jake Westbrook who may not have signed with us had we not dealt for him.

And I think it’s unrealistic and unfair to lay the blame for Albert Pujols not having a new contract at his feet. A negotiation takes two, and ultimately logic suggests that Albert wanted more than the Cardinals were willing to give him and vice versa. Their valuation of what Albert could expect obviously didn’t line up. I don’t think hitting free agency is going to hurt the Cardinals’ chances either. If Albert’s to be believed that he wants to return, then we’ll get the opportunity to match an offer. Then the Cardinals get to decide. But to think that Mozeliak has the last say on Pujols’ contract, is a little unfair. It will be a combination of factors at fault if Mozeliak decides to leave.

Apologies, I got a bit on a ranting there, but let’s move on to another polarizing figure in the Cardinals’ organization, Tony LaRussa. LaRussa scored a 6.3 with Cardinals’ fans. Many I know had finally decided that it was time for the Cardinals to let LaRussa go after his 15 years with the franchise. I know that I was on that boat. In the past, LaRussa managed us to extra wins whereas I felt he managed us out of games last season. When you cost me more wins than you get me, it’s time to consider looking in another direction.

Now that is management, let’s move on to the survey questions.

The first question that I posed was, how happy are you with the way the Cardinals team will look on Opening Day? On this count, the Cardinals scored a 6.7. That’s pretty up the middle. Unfortunately, I don’t have any previous year examples to compare that with. But it’s fair to say that the fans who took my survey consider this team nothing special, but nothing bad either.

When asked how competitive they think the Cardinals will be, they scored a 6.9 on the scale of 10 being World Series champions and 1 being at the bottom of the league. I think what you can draw from that is most Cardinals’ fans expect a team that plays above .500. Maybe poke at the leaders in the Central a bit.

When asked who they thought the first player to be called up from Memphis this season would be, it was almost a unanimous choice for Matt Carpenter. Carpenter is obviously still riding his strong spring. The #2 option was Lance Lynn, though P.J. Walters and Fernando Salas each had a mention or two.

The next question was sort of reactionary to a couple games I saw in spring training that had Yadier Molina catching all 9 innings. Personally, the handling of Molina is something I’m very opinionated on. With the innings that he has racked up on those knees at catcher the last two years, I’d like to be a little more careful with him this season. To me, spring training was a perfect opportunity to give him a slight break and not to overuse him. I don’t think the majority of Cardinals’ fans care as much as I do, as LaRussa’s handling of Molina’s innings got a 7.1.

And finally, the question I had to throw on because it’s the #1 question facing Cardinals fans through this season and hanging over our heads. How confident are you that the Cardinals will sign Albert Pujols to an extension? Cardinals fans seem relatively optimistic at a 7.4.

I want to thank everyone who has read this series and filled out a survey form. Please keep an eye for late April for the April Approval Ratings survey to be posted and spammed on the Redbird Dugout Facebook (a few more likes and we get our own username!) and Twitter pages. And thank you to everyone who has read articles here on Redbird Dugout through the first week of this month giving us by far the best month we’ve had. Through one week we are on pace to quadruple February’s numbers and triple March’s.