Daily Archives: May 23, 2011

Schumaker back from the DL

Skip Schumaker will return tonight from his month long trip on the disabled list. The question facing the team is who makes a road trip to Memphis.

I can already hear the cries for Ryan Franklin to be finding a new home, but the team is standing behind him and I understand that. Ryan Franklin has been more or less effective during his entire time in St. Louis, save the last couple months (get it, save. Oh, I crack myself up). You have to assume that he’s going to turn it around at some point, just like people are saying about one Mr. Albert Pujols. Why release someone that might be a weapon later in the season? You don’t want to make that assumption just yet.

The rumors are saying it will be Mitchell Boggs.

Boggs, 27, is having, on average, a better year than last year. So why is he looking at a trip to Memphis?

What it comes down to is minor league options. The team doesn’t want to pay Ryan Franklin to play for another team, so who can you send to Memphis. The players in the bullpen with options remaining, as best I can figure it, are Boggs, Jason Motte, Fernando Salas and Eduardo Sanchez. Continue reading