Series Notes @ San Diego

I know, one more game to go but with the events of the last two nights, I couldn’t wait any longer! While the Cardinals offense has not been prolific over the last two nights in San Diego, it’s gotten the job done and that’s the important part.

  • Albert Pujols ended his homerless streak on Monday night with his first home run in a streak that lasted 27 games, 105 at bats, or 120 plate appearances. However you look at it, that’s long for Mr. Pujols. The longest previous such streak was 22 games back in 2007, as I’ve mentioned before. As far as I can tell, I was one of the first to mention the historic place of his power slump. Does this mean he’s about to break out and go bonkers on the majors? Cardinals fans can only hope. With Matt Holliday expected to miss a little more time with his current injury, the offense needs Pujols now more than ever. If Albert wants to work his way back into the good graces of the fans, there is no better time.
  • Kyle Lohse won his sixth game of the season on Monday night to tie teammate Kyle McClellan for the league lead at 6 wins. Lohse also leads the entire major leagues with a 0.901 WHIP. Those who know a little about WHIP can understand that this is a phenomenal feat. To have a WHIP, even after just 10 starts, of less than 1 is amazing. Lohse’s pin point command has been the key to his success this year and he is answering all the questions about the Cardinals’ season resting on his shoulders. He’s gone from perhaps the least favorite member of the rotation to one of the most necessary. Continue reading

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