Daily Archives: May 29, 2011

Boggs’ treatment confuses me

As a Cardinals fan, blogger, and generally a studier of the habits of the management and organization, I consider myself fairly well read on the topic of what the team is going to do and the motives behind why they do it.

When Mitchell Boggs was optioned to Memphis, the move made sense to me. I defended it as the proper decision in a blog post that day.

However, now I just don’t know what’s going on.

I figured Boggs would head to Memphis, spend a couple weeks working on his stuff in relief while serving out of the Redbirds bullpen, maybe even closing out games for them. He’d be there until a roster spot opened up in St. Louis due to injury, trade, or the release of a player.

Then comes news during Boggs’ first appearance. He was going to start the game while the game’s scheduled starter would come in after Boggs was done. Okay. I thought. Just getting Boggs his time on the mound early in the game.

Then comes three days later and he gets the start against Omaha. This time he threw 4 innings. He allowed 3 hits and 1 walk along with 4 strikeouts. The general perception is that the Cardinals are looking to turn Boggs back into a starter and the extended appearance in Memphis is proof to that. But why? Continue reading