Game Notes: Games 29 through 41

It’s been a 6-6 run for the Cardinals while I’ve been gone and it’s been quite the busy one for the Cardinals. For one, Joe Pettini is the acting manager on this road trip while Tony LaRussa has been out dealing with his viral issues. I know I’ve been heavily critical of Tony in the past, but I wish him a speedy recovery so he can be back on the bench so I can continue to be critical of him.

Some of my thoughts on the last two weeks of Cardinals’ baseball.

  1. The Cardinals will definitely have a major decision on their hands when Brian Tallet and Skip Schumaker are ready for their return to the lineup. Likely both will take a quick trip through the minor leagues while the team decides what to do. Do you send Fernando Salas or Eduardo Sanchez down the minors because they are the junior members of the bullpen, or do you consider doing something with Ryan Franklin?

    While many Cardinals fans will instantly say that we need to DFA Franklin as soon as possible, I highly doubt the team will do that. However, I will be the first to admit that I’ve been wrong about a few things. Tony and Mo have surprised me with their moves, and just as I thought I was successfully getting into their heads.

    Salas and Sanchez have options. Obviously the coaches’ like Sanchez. Salas has pitched well too. So where does that leave Ryan Franklin, his $3.5 million salary, and his 9.88 ERA? Who knows. While I realize what Franklin has done for us, I give him the opportunity to pitch in the minors for the Cardinals to see if he can’t get it back, but also the opportunity to walk and potentially find another opportunity. Tough call, and I am glad that I’m not the one that has to make it.

  2. Swept by the Reds? Say it ain’t so. Chris Carpenter got slaughtered today as he allowed 7 earned runs over 6 and a third innings. Three errors in the series by the Cardinals as poor defensive play was once again the team’s hallmark. Ironically, the Reds committed four errors, which reminds me that the Reds’ offense was much more efficient last year on capitalizing on mistakes. The Cardinals’ offense has lacked this in recent years.

    While some of my Cardinals fan brethren are ready to pack it in after one bad series, claiming the Cardinals did a good job masquerading as contenders, these are really the same issues that the team has had all year. Nothing new is popping up. I think it was in the movie Glory Road where the coach says that the best players make the routine plays over and over and over again. That’s where this team needs to get. Don’t be flashy, don’t be fancy, just get the job done. 9 times out of 10, that’s enough.

  3. Jaime Garcia is a beast. One start he’s perfect through 4 innings, and the next he’s perfect through 8 and a third. I had some worry about a sophomore slump as the league caught up to him, but Jaime is proving that he has the potential to be one of the premiere left handed pitchers in the major leagues. The thoughts of pairing him up with Adam Wainwright as twin-aces again is highly tantalizing.
  4. Allen Craig played second base? That’s what I see and read about. I found it interesting to note that Craig was drafted a short stop. While he only played three games at the position in 2006 before being moved to third base, he at least has a capable glove. Which pretty much translates around the infield. If he doesn’t have the arm for third base, second base would be a good solution. Obviously, though, he’ll need innings at the position to truly be ready to play it. Inexperience reared it’s head, but not as badly as I expected. Could he potentially make a play to play more games at second base? I’d actually like to see that. He has the biggest bat of anyone on that bench or currently playing second base. It’d be a way to get it in the lineup.
  5. Albert Pujols is still hitting just .266 after today’s game. That’s not too far off the magic .300 number though. What is concerning to me is that, now at 19 games he is in the fourth longest homeless drought of his career. In 2007 he had droughts of 22 (his longest) and 20 games. In 2009 he added one that was 21 games long. In each of those three instances, he had a hot streak right after he broke out of the streak. So is a power slump signaling his getting closer to being right? Who knows. I guess we’ll find out.