River Bandits at Busch

Praying all day that the weather would hold out for the River Bandits vs Cougars game tonight at Busch I was watching the weather every hour at work today! Got to the ball park tonight 30 mins before game time and enjoyed the very long concession lines…but at least all food and drink was half off. Now lets get to the game notes!

I watch from afar as Carlos Martinez warmed up in the pen prior to the game. Couldn’t tell much but I was quite excited to see one of the best prospects in our system. Finally the national anthem and then the River Bandits took the field. You could tell Martinez was a little jazzed up as he warmed up but held his composure quite well. As the game started and Martinez threw his first few pitches you could tell his FB was humming (the stadium radar gun was not clocking). His motion was a little whippy and he fell off to the first base side. I saw plenty of FB’s with an occasional CB thrown in the mix. His FB doesn’t has as much movement as I thought it would and he was actually quite hittable which was a big surprise to me. He had a few dynamite CB’s that either froze hitters or made a few look flat out silly. I would say it was a plus pitch tonight. I didn’t see too many CH so didn’t get a read on it. Overall you can see the immense potential and the raw tools he brought to the table…but at the same time he is definitely years away from the majors. Check out the amateur videos I posted on YouTube below (be nice as I was trying to do the best I could to keep my Droid still as I shot the video!). I also have a few pictures on Flickr with links below.

The only other pitcher to note was Justin Wright (whom I also got a video of below). He is a lefty that K’s about 2 batters per inning pitched. He has a unique windup and it appears the batters don’t pickup the ball out of his hand very well. He has a nice FB and CB mix that will give him an opportunity to rise up the prospect charts. He made quick work of the Cougars in the 9th.

Here are a few thoughts on other notable players:

1) Nick Longmire doesn’t have as long of a swing as some portray. Its a little long but he had a few AB’s that he hit the ball hard. Looks like a true pro hitter at the plate.

2) Robert Stock is a good looking D catcher. He has a strong arm and retrieves the ball well. And even tonight he swung the stick well…though I still see him transitioning to a pitcher.

3) Cody Stanley handles the bat quite well. All my thoughts on him as a hitter we confirmed in person. He will continue to hit and rise through the system. Really wanted to see him behind the plate but he was the DH.

4) Victor Sanchez has a REALLY long swing and will never progress unless he finds a way to change his swing.

5) Ronnie Gil can fly! He also is as advertised at SS. He is a very slick fielding MI. If his bat can progress he has a decent chance…though he is old for the league at 22.

6) Chris Edmondson came in as a reserve and smoked the ball to dead center his first AB but was right at the CF for an out. I was impressed with his approach at the plate and the ball seems to jump off his bat. As a sidenote he has no stride…just pivots.

Video of Carlos Martinez:

Video of Justin Wright:

Pictures of Carlos Martinez: