Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

Franklin to be released

The story out of St. Louis according to reports from the Post-Dispatch’s Joe Strauss is that Ryan Franklin is set to be released by the St. Louis Cardinals today.

The embattled closer has failed to reclaim his reliability out of the bullpen and is on his way out. Through 27 innings this season, Franklin sports an 8.46 ERA. He has allowed 9 home runs this season, the same as he allowed in the previous two combined.

After reclaiming some reliability during an 8 inning run from mid-May to mid-June, he posted a 2.25 ERA with 7 strikeouts and just 1 walk. Things looked to be turning around for him. Thoughts were entertained that he was over his issues and would once again take an important role in a bullpen that was still reeling from the loss of it’s closer. However, in his last four appearances, Franklin has allowed 5 homers in 6 innings of work and has a 13.50 ERA.

While many in Cardinal Nation will be screaming “Finally” and “What took so long” to this news, I find it difficult to rejoice in a player’s hardships. Let alone one that has given up money and performed so well for us. While it may be good for the team that Ryan Franklin won’t be pitching out of the bullpen for the Cardinals, he is hardly the only issue in the bullpen. This team is better off with a successful Franklin than without a struggling one.
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