Roster talk: Boggs up, Lynn down

The word today is that Mitchell Boggs is on his way back to St. Louis while Lance Lynn is headed back to Memphis.

Lynn, 24, had moments of brilliance and moments of disappointment in his two major league starts. At times he would cruise through the other team, and then he would struggle. In the end, he was 1-1 with a 5.23 ERA as he threw 10 1/3 innings in his two starts.

Boggs, 27, posted a 2.45 ERA in 14 2/3 innings in Memphis over 4 starts. His demotion to the Redbirds was part of an overall play to stretch him back out as a starter just in case one of the team’s starters went down longer term. It was Boggs who was the best candidate for this move as he has both starting experience and major league experience.

But Boggs will return for the Cardinals as an off day allows the team to skip the appearance of Kyle McClellan‘s spot in the rotation next time it comes up. Boggs’ return will allow for another arm in the over worked bullpen, but apparently the Cardinals would still rather him be in Memphis starting.

What this does, though, is creates some interesting storylines when guys start coming off the disabled list.

While the Cardinals can skip McClellan’s spot in the rotation the next time up, he is eligible to come off the 15 day disabled list on June 15th. The next time his spot in the rotation is due up: June 18th against Kansas City. However, it’s expected that McClellan will be activated on the 15th and get the start that night against the Washington Nationals. The expectation, I would assume, is that Boggs will return to Memphis since the Cardinals are already carrying 13 pitchers.

The real fun will happen when Bryan Augenstein is eligible to come off the 60 day disabled list on Monday. Augenstein, who sports a 9.53 ERA in the majors this season, is on the club’s 40 man roster. The same roster that was reduced to 38 and then expanded once again to 40 with the movement of Matt Carpenter and Lance Lynn whose contracts were purchased from Memphis to fill the big league squad. The question becomes, who makes room for him?

When he comes off the 60 day DL, he has to be put back on the 40 man roster, which means someone needs to make room for him or he needs to be DFA’d. While his 2011 numbers aren’t much to be desired, he has shown some potential this season in high pressure situations and I’m sure a team would take a risk on him.

Additionally, Matt Holliday and Nick Punto are both likely candidates for a mid-June return. Potentially at the end of next week we could be hearing about their return. Does the team return to 12 pitchers at that point or do they continue to carry 13? Does Matt Carpenter survive the cut as the only true third baseman on the roster? How do the Cardinals determine playing time with essentially four second basemen on the roster?

Many interesting scenarios that will keep Cardinals fans talking for the next couple weeks.