Cardinals’ Approval Ratings: June

After missing May due to life circumstances (it was mid-June before I even thought about them), the Cardinals’ Approval Ratings are back with the June numbers.

The Cardinals’ June swoon leaves me really wishing I had results from May so that I could really have an accurate look at how badly it hurt peoples’ numbers.

The Cardinals wrapped up the month of June having gone 11-15. The offense scored 114 runs in 26 games in the month of June. That’s an average of 4.4 runs per game and that puts them in a tie with the Dodgers for 9th in the major leagues. On the other hand, the Cardinals had the worst pitching staff in the majors, allowing 132 runs in those 26 games, that’s 5.1 runs per game. Their team ERA of 4.72 was 29th of 30 teams, only beating out Toronto.

On the offensive side of the baseball, Lance Berkman took over the role of the highest rated Cardinal, though he dropped from a 9.4 to a 9.3 rating. Matt Holliday dropped from a 9.8 in April to an 8.6 at the end of June. The biggest drop in the starting lineup was Colby Rasmus tumbling 1.4 points to a 6.8, reflecting his struggles over the last two months. The biggest jump was Yadier Molina who recovered his losses over the first month to receive an 8.1 rating at the end of June. Skip Schumaker jumped 1.3 points himself, vaulting himself to a 7.4 rating.
The pitching staff reflected the poor performance as seven members took losses. Most notably was Kyle McClellan who, after being the second highest rated Cardinal pitcher all season, dropped 1.9 points to a 6.9 overall. The highest rated pitcher is no other than Fernando Salas with his 8.6 as his numbers reflect his capturing of the closer’s role.

On the bench, the Cardinals’ depth of the depth took a beating. Only Nick Punto posted a gain, while everyone else struggled and lost an average of 1.2 points each.

There were several debuts on the approval ratings too. Tony Cruz was introduced with the highest introductory rating yet, a 7.2 rating. He was followed by Lance Lynn who debuted with a 7.1 for his solid performances out of the rotation and then his establishment as a pivotal pitcher out of the bullpen the last couple weeks. Other debuts include Pete Kozma at a 4.6 and Andrew Brown at a 4.5. The bullpen saw many debuts with Raul Valdes at 5.8, Brandon Dickson at 4.9, and Maikel Cleto at 3.4.

Management ratings came down over the last two months. John Mozeliak dropped half a point to 6.8 and Tony LaRussa falls to a 6.6, despite him doing some excellent management to keep this team in first place despite the injury issues.

At the end there was some survey questions.

After bouncing around a bit, the feelings of Cardinal fans that we resign Albert Pujols have jumped back up. After falling to a 6.8 after the month of April, it is now at a 7.7 after June.

Another question asked who holds the blame for the issues in June. Many people bemoaned the lack of offense through the month that saw both Holliday and Pujols spend time on the disabled list. However, nobody pegged the blame on them. The bullpen got 55% of the responses, with the other 45% pointing their finger at the rotation.

I also asked who will lead the NL Central at the end of July with 91% of the responders indicating that they feel that St. Louis will lead the division with 9% leaning towards Milwaukee. The same numbers believe that St. Louis will make the playoffs, indicating that many feel the wild card will not come out of the NL Central.

Then there has been some talk about Adam Wainwright potentially being able to come back in September and maybe help this team out down the stretch. When asked if they want him back, 27% of the responders indicated that they wanted him back and 73% would rather him wait for 2012 to make his return to the mound.

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