World Series DVD set winners

I want to thank everyone for their entries in the first ever contest that we’ve held here at Redbird Dugout. Coincidentally it was on the first anniversary week of the blog as it was just a little over a year ago that I made my first post, a missive on why defense at short stop was important and trading Brendan Ryan was a mistake.

When I came up with the concept of the contest, I thought it was going to be easy determining who had the best Cardinals’ memory.After my first three stories and I had three really good ones, I realized it was going to be a lot harder than originally planned.

How I ran it is I took a blind system. I assigned each story a number and printed it out. This way I didn’t know who had written it since there were names that I recognized in the entrants. Out of the 15 entries that I received, I came up with a pile of 5 that I felt were above the rest. Then I sat down and over the next hour read and re-read each trying to come up with the best two. It really makes me wish that I could have given away sets to everyone.

The big winner of the best Cardinals’ memory story was Andy Leeser of Huntington Beach, CA. He shared a story about convincing his parents to take a trip to St. Louis for Games 6 and 7 of the World Series. He will be receiving the 8-disc Collector’s Edition that I posted my review of earlier today.

The runner-up of the best Cardinals’ memory story was Mike Wald of Ankeny, IA. His family has some correlation between births in the family and Cardinals’ World Series appearances.

Andy’s story will be scheduled for Tuesday with Mike’s appearing on Wednesday.

And the random draw took place yesterday afternoon and I video taped it, if you choose to watch it, you can find it on YouTube here. Or you can read on below to find out who won by the random draw.

The first random draw winner is Jocelyn Alegre of Granite City, IL. The second random draw winner was Jeremy Ellis of Mt. Vernon, IN.

Thank you all for your participation. It was a far greater success than what I expected. Hopefully I will be able to bring you all more contests in the future. Nothing better than putting Cardinals’ merchandise in the hands of Cardinals’ fans.