2012 MLB Predictions

Its that time again gang.  Last year I bombed pretty bad on a number predictions but that doesn’t scare me away from doing it again!  Who will win the World Series?  Who will take home the Cy Young Awards?  Who do the ROY honors go to?  Without further ado…

AL East Winner – Redsox
AL Central Winner – Tigers
AL West Winner – Angels (#1 Seed)
AL Wildcards – Rays & Rangers

NL East Winner – Nationals
NL Central Winner – Cardinals
NL West Winner – DBacks (#1 Seed)
NL Wildcards – Rockies & Braves

NL Winner – Cardinals
AL Winner – Angels

WS Winner – Cardinals (In 6 Games)

WS MVP – Beltran

AL MVP – A. Gonzalez
NL MVP – J. Upton

AL Cy Young – Price
NL Cy Young – Kershaw

AL Comeback Player – Kendry Morales followed by a close second of Adam Dunn
NL Comeback Player – Johan Santana

AL Rookie of the Year – Jesus Montero followed closely by Yu Darvish
NL Rookie of the Year – Drew Pomeranz

AL Biggest Surprise Team – Royals
NL Biggest Surprise Team – Pirates

AL Biggest Bust (Player) – J. Hamilton
NL Biggest Bust (Player) – J. Reyes

Cardinals MVP – Yadi
Cardinals Cy Young – Garcia
Cardinals Offensive Minor League Player of the Year – Kolten Wong
Cardinals Pitching Minor League Player of the Year – Trevor Rosenthal
Cardinals Biggest Surprise (Player) – T. Greene
Cardinals Biggest Bust (Player) – Lohse