Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

UCB Weekend: Saturday

Just a week ago, my Dad and I were getting back from a weekend in St. Louis. If you follow the United Cardinal Bloggers at all, you know that it was the UCB Weekend (#ucbweekend). The St. Louis Cardinals, in all of their graciousness, see it fit to invite us to a game on them and give us some facetime by way of a Q&A session with Bill DeWitt III, the team’s President, and John Mozeliak, the team’s General Manager.

Last year, I was unable to go. This year, thanks to my wonderful wife who was willing to forgo a weekend at the beach we’d been discussing, I was able to. I decided that I wanted to invite my Dad along with me because it was something that he would completely appreciate and enjoy.

We planned our trip to arrive on Saturday morning and leave on Monday morning. After talking about it, we decided to skip the UCB dinner on the Saturday night at the former Pujols5, and get tickets to the game instead. After all, neither of us had been in St. Louis since 2005 as we made the trip to catch the final season in the old Busch Stadium.  Continue reading