Gloves 4 Troops

I ran across this this morning as I was poking around for Cardinals’ related news. Cardinals’ minor league shortstop Vance Albitz has begun a program to collect gloves and baseballs and send them overseas to troops. He’d read in a news article the response of a soldier who said he’d really like a glove and a baseball to play with and Albitz decided to start this collection drive. According to his site he has sent 212 gloves to soldiers so far. His goal was to send 1,000 gloves before he has to pack up and head to Florida for Spring Training with the Cardinals.

You can donate gloves, baseballs, or even cash (which is just as good as money) to help pay for shipping expenses.

You can check out the website for more information, Maybe even donate if you feel like it. I’m wishing I hadn’t trashed my backup glove over the summer. I thought it was a very cool idea. He has some updates and pictures on his Twitter page as well.