Marte optioned to Memphis, Cleto recalled

After a 14th inning appearance where he walked two and allowed a hit that put the Diamondbacks on top for the eventual win, Victor Marte is on his way back to Memphis. Since his recall on May 27th, Marte has made four appearances allowing four hits and three walks. Not a recipe for success. Kevin Reynolds (@deckacards) and I had some fun at his expense last night on Twitter.

Kevin: This game has Marte throwing error written all over it.
Jon: That’s not a throwing error, that’s just how he pitches.
Kevin: I was waiting for that… it’s like I set it on a tee for you.
Jon: Also something Marte does well.

Marte had a time last season where he provided some valuable innings for Mike Matheny in the bullpen. Unfortunately, the league caught up and figured him out while he had some trouble finding the strike zone.

In his place, however, comes Maikel Cleto. Six of one, half dozen of the other if we’re being honest. Cleto, the piece we received in return for Brendan Ryan, has allowed 20 hits, 6 walks, and 6 home runs over 13 major league innings the last two years. This year in Memphis, he returned to the rotation in Memphis in early May, and has answered with a 2.97 ERA in six starts. Overall, he has been ineffective with a 5.67 ERA this year. Cleto has a dominant fastball, but is typically wild with it. His recent success as a starter is encouraging, however.

Joe Kelly will start tonight’s game against the Diamondbacks, a start opened up as a result of the doubleheader played with the Giants last weekend. Because Kelly’s been working out of the bullpen, with a longest outing of three innings, he isn’t quite stretched out for a starter’s role. Enter Cleto who is likely the matching piece to hopefully help the team get through.