2014 Projected Payroll

The following is my measurement of the Cardinals’ projected Opening Day 2014 payroll. Roster spots are filled with the most likely internal candidate until news otherwise comes out. Arbitration estimates by MLB Trade Rumors.

PosPlayerSalaryNotes (FA after)
CYadier Molina15.2002nd year of 5 year contract (2017 + opt)
1BMatt Adams~0.5002nd year of team control (2018)
2BKolten Wong~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
SSJhonny Peralta15.5001st year of 4 year contract (2017)
3BMatt Carpenter~0.5003rd year of team control (2017)
LFMatt Holliday17.0005th year of 7 year contract (2016 + opt)
CFPeter Bourjos1.2001st year of arbitation (2016)
RFAllen Craig2.7502nd year of 5 year contract (2017 + opt)
CTony Cruz~0.5003rd year of team control (2017)
IFDaniel Descalso~1.2001st year of arbitration (2016)
IFMark Ellis5.2501st year of 1 year contract (2014)
OFJon Jay3.2501st year of arbitration (2016)
OFShane Robinson~0.5003rd year of team control (2017)
SPAdam Wainwright19.5001st year of 5 year contract (2018 + opt)
SPJaime Garcia*7.8753rd year of 4 year contract (2015 + opt)
SPLance Lynn~0.5003rd year of team control (2017)
SPShelby Miller~0.5002nd year of team control (2018)
SPMichael Wacha~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
SPJoe Kelly~0.5003rd year of team control (2017)
LHPRandy Choate3.0002nd year of 3 year contract (2015)
LHPKevin Siegrist~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
RHPJason Motte*7.5002nd year of 2 year contract (FA)
RHPTrevor Rosenthal~0.5002nd year of team control (2018)
RHPSeth Maness~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
RHPKeith Butler~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
RHPCarlos Martinez~0.5001st year of team control (2019)
RHPPat Neshek1.0001st year of 1 year contract (2014)
GUARANTEED99.02512 signed
ARBITRATION (Est.)0.0000 arbitration cases
TEAM CONTROL~6.50013 team control
TOTAL105.52527 players (2 on the DL)

*-Player to star the season on the DL. Only players who have guaranteed major league contracts will count towards the Opening Day payroll.

Some notes:

  • I don’t factor in contract buyouts as I consider that a previous season expense.
  • I don’t factor in salary obligations to cut players (such as Ty Wigginton in 2014) as I consider that a previous season expense.
  • I don’t factor in deferred compensation as I expect that is budgeted elsewhere.
  • Any players with guaranteed contracts who are on the disabled list to start the season will be counted, as opposed to those who are minimum wage players who will not be.