2014 Spring Roster

The following is the current list of players who are in “big league camp” during Spring Training. Players can move back and forth pretty much at the club’s discretion, but usually players are optioned out to minor league camp to get work with their future teammates and coaches instead of the major league team.

RHPJose AlmaranteNon-Roster Invitee (2-4, 3.78, A+/AA/AAA)
RHP65Keith Butler40 man roster
RHPAngel Castro40 man roster
LHP36Randy Choate40 man roster
LHPTim CooneyNon-Roster Invitee (10-13, 3.56, A+/AA)
RHP67Eric Fornataro40 man roster
LHP71Sam Freeman40 man roster
LHP54Jaime Garcia40 man roster
RHPSam GaviglioNon-Roster Invitee (4-1, 2.27, Rk/A+)
LHPMarco GonzalesNon-Roster Invitee (0-0, 2.70, Rk/A+)
RHP58Joe Kelly40 man roster
RHP31Lance Lynn40 man roster
LHP70Tyler Lyons40 man roster
RHP61Seth Maness40 man roster
RHP62Carlos Martinez40 man roster
RHP40Shelby Miller40 man roster
RHP30Jason Motte40 man roster
RHPZach PetrickNon-Roster Invitee (7-3, 1.99, A/A+/AA)
RHP68Jorge Rondon40 man roster
RHP26Trevor Rosenthal40 man roster
LHP46Kevin Siegrist40 man roster
LHPLee StoppelmanNon-Roster Invitee (6-3, 1.50, A+/AA/AAA)
RHPJordan SwagertyNon-Roster Invitee (0-1, 8.44, Rk/A+)
RHP52Michael Wacha40 man roster
RHP50Adam Wainwright40 man roster
C48Tony Cruz40 man roster
CEd EasleyNon-Roster Invitee (.334, 6 HR, AAA Reno)
CCarson KellyNon-Roster Invitee (.257, 6 HR, A-/A)
C4Yadier Molina40 man roster
C63Audry Perez40 man roster
CCasey RasmusNon-Roster Invitee (.298, 0 HR, A/A+/AA)
CCody StanleyNon-Roster Invitee (.244, 6 HR, A+/AA)
CTravis TartamellaNon-Roster Invitee (.226, 3 HR, AA/AAA)
1B53Matt Adams40 man roster
3B13Matt Carpenter40 man roster
1B21Allen Craig40 man roster
2B33Daniel Descalso40 man roster
2BMark Ellis40 man roster
SSGreg Garcia40 man roster
SS38Pete Kozma40 man roster
2BLuis MateoNon-Roster Invitee (.239, 5 HR, AA/AAA)
3BScott MooreNon-Roster Invitee (.271, 14 HR, AAA Sacramento/Tucson)
SSJhonny Peralta40 man roster
1BXavier ScruggsNon-Roster Invitee (.248, 29 HR, AA)
3BPatrick WisdomNon-Roster Invitee (.235, 15 HR, A/A+)
2B16Kolten Wong40 man roster
CF8Peter Bourjos40 man roster
RFJoey Butler40 man roster
CFRandal Grichuk40 man roster
LF7Matt Holliday40 man roster
CF19Jon Jay40 man roster
LFMike O'Neill40 man roster
CFRafael Ortega40 man roster
RFStephen PiscottyNon-Roster Invitee (.295, 15 HR, A+/AA)
CFJames RamseyNon-Roster Invitee (.265, 16 HR, A+/AA/AAA)
CF43Shane Robinson40 man roster
RFOscar Taveras40 man roster