Adams needs to be suspended

Following a play where he fell into the stands, Matt Adams pushed a fan as he was extricating himself from the tarp. Some media outlets are describing it as a shove or even Jenifer Langosch calling it a “nudge” in her article. It was somewhere in between.

At first I thought it was a “bro shove” as fellow UCBer Kevin Reynolds called it this morning on Twitter as we discussed it. However, Adams’ face betrayed that concept. He was frustrated with the fan interfering with him.

I’m not saying it was intentional, and I don’t believe it was. There is a distinction between intention and reaction. It was just a frustrated reaction towards a fan who stole an would-be out away from him. Adams didn’t set out to push the fan, but it happened, and intent doesn’t matter.

Major League Baseball can’t allow fan/player contact like this to go unpunished and they shouldn’t. I think he needs to be suspended for three games. Players need to be reminded that they have to be above the fans, unfortunately it is Adams who has placed himself on the chopping block as the example.