That does not mean what you think it means

“It’s never a game we’re doing this with anybody — not with the players, not with the fans, not with the media,” Matheny said. “The potential negatives (of confirming the start) outweigh the positive. It’s just the less information is more for our guys. I didn’t want their initial trip to the big leagues (to be) where everyday there was some rumor going on.” Source

Well, if Mike Matheny‘s plan was to eliminate the rumors circling the bullpen and starter choice for today and to avoid making Jorge Rondon and Eric Fornataro feel like they had a future demotion hanging over their head, I’m pretty sure it has been a complete failure. In fact, since the call up, all I’ve seen is one of those guys is probably going to be demoted for Lyons on Monday. And guess what happened today.

To explain your decision that way you are basically telling Rondon and Fornataro that they aren’t smart enough to figure out what’s going on.  If they didn’t have it figured out on the plane ride to Washington to catch up with the team, I’m sure they figured it out as they sat in the bullpen and went unused this weekend.

Generally, your players are smart enough to figure these things out on their own. The fact that the team feels like they can, or should, hide this information from their players doesn’t seem to be a smart decision to me. Let the players know what’s going on, be honest with them about what their roles are, and let them be in a position to buy in to the plan. Players are usually intelligent individuals who can figure out if you’re BSing them. And if they don’t, you risk alienating them when the truth does finally come out.

I’d love to know what the negatives of confirming that Tyler Lyons would be starting Monday were. Leaving things vague, like what Matheny and the Cardinals did, is what creates rumors. Only the truth dispels them, like it did today. There are no rumors about who is being demoted or getting the start today.