Waino, Wacha, Wonderful. Lynn? Not so much.

Adam Wainwright pitched masterfully in the season opener. Michael Wacha did the same in the second game of the series. Then came Lance Lynn. The much maligned Lynn may not have the overall performance some would like to see out of him, but with him on the mound the offense usually finds a way to win baseball games. That can’t be argued.

Lynn and Wainwright, now at 34 wins, remain tied as the winningest NL pitchers since the start of the 2012 season. However their paths to get there are vastly different.

Wainwright has a 3.34 ERA over 67 starts and a 111 ERA+.

Lynn has a 3.90 ERA over 63 starts and a 95 ERA+, just below average.

The cries to replace Lynn have already resounded, especially after the Reds scored 3 runs during the first inning on him, but he did rebound nicely as he threw four more shutout innings. No doubt Lynn needs to step it up and be more consistent of a pitcher, but he is on the mound when the team wins baseball games. That may not count for much, but it should count for something as wins are all that matters. As long as they do, I’m not inclined to move him out of the rotation.