Bean balls, Rosenthal and a pinch hitter

I hate bean ball battles. Reading quotes from the Dodgers after last night’s game, they seem to be saying that hitting batters accidentally is bad, but hitting batters intentionally is absolutely okay. That makes total sense right?

Anyone who actually watched last night’s game knows that there was only one intentionally hit batter, and the pitcher who hit him was wearing Dodger blue. To me that erodes the moral high ground they are attempting to claim.

Furthermore, why do umpires even bother warning teams after the first intentionally hit batter? Why not immediately eject anyone you think intentionally hit a batter in the first place? Why not eject Kershaw and Mattingly for hitting Matt Holliday? It seems a little unfair that the Dodgers get to start the war, but are protected from being retaliated against. If an umpire feels like a batter was hit intentionally, he should immediately eject the pitcher. Anything less is stupid and makes baseball look like a farce.

Pitching inside is necessary in baseball. As a batter, if you don’t want to be hit you are capable of stepping back in the box. It works both ways.

Matheny loves Rosenthal. After two straight nights of work, Mike Matheny once again went with Trevor Rosenthal in the 9th inning. This time it was with a tied game instead of a save situation, to boot. Never mind that you have the best reliever in all of baseball in your bullpen in Pat Neshek. Not to mention, he’s turning in one of the best relief seasons in the history of baseball, if not the best.

If you’re going to go to a pitcher for the third day in a row, why not the one whose ability to get guys out hasn’t been in question most of the season? How about the only All Star in your bullpen? How about the one who hasn’t allowed a run in a month and a half?

Where was Kottaras? On Saturday night with a lead, Mike Matheny had no problem using his backup catcher to pinch hit in a game the Cardinals were winning. On Sunday night, in the bottom of the 9th inning while down by a run and Kottaras on the bench, Matheny apparently decided it wasn’t a good time to use him. So using your backup catcher to pinch hit in a useless situation is acceptable, but when it could be strategically advantageous, that’s when you should sit on your hands.