Instant Replay needs some camera work

I’m watching tonight’s St. Louis Cardinals game and Matt Holliday ripped a ball right down the line that was called foul. The Cardinals challenged the call, which eventually stood, but it shows a massive problem that I have with the instant replay system in baseball.

If you haven’t noticed, some of the camera angles in baseball are great for watching the game, but horrible for actually determining things with precision. Like, there is no camera shot directly down the foul line to help determine whether the ball was fair or foul on review. Instead, the guy making the decision has to look for chalk being kicked up and distinguish it from grass. A ridiculously difficult judgement call, regardless of how high definition your cameras are.

In order to make the best and most accurate calls on review, Major League Baseball needs to review some camera positioning. We need an overhead shot of home plate and probably every base. We need cameras down each foul line. Hopefully someone at Major League Baseball will be reviewing every call reviewed and find better camera angles to determine whether the call was correct and work to correct it during the offseason. Otherwise most reviews will end up being a farce because there will never be enough evidence to overturn a call because the camera angles are ambiguous.