Wainwright being skipped for Dodgers’ Series

After previously informing the Dodgers that Lance Lynn would start tonight against them at Busch Stadium, the team filled in the rest of the weekend’s rotation as Joe Kelly and Carlos Martinez will face off against Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, respectively.

That means that Wainwright’s next start will most likely be Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Rays. Wainwright threw 7 shutout innings against the Rays when he faced them in June in a 1-0 victory against Jake Odorizzi. So when he does take the ball in the Tampa Bay series, it will have been at least 10 days since Wainwright’s last start, if you don’t include the inning he pitched in the All Star Game on Tuesday night.

According to the Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals have told Wainwright that the extra rest is to get him prepared to push at full strength the rest of the way.

Though it is also worth noting that the current rotation order also puts him in position to pitch against division foes Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh most often if he takes the ball every 5 games.