2015 Projected Roster

The following is a projected 2015 roster for the St. Louis Cardinals. Roster spots are filled by the path of least resistance, unless announced differently by the team. Arbitration salary projections by Matt Swartz.

PosPlayerSalaryNotes (FA after)
CYadier Molina15.2003rd year of 5 year contract (2017 + opt)
1BMatt Adams~0.5003rd year of team control (2018)
2BKolten Wong~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
SSJhonny Peralta15.0002nd year of 4 year contract (2017)
3BMatt Carpenter3.7502nd year of 6 year contract (2019 + opt)
LFMatt Holliday17.0006th year of 7 year contract (2016 + opt)
CFJon Jay~4.5002nd year of arbitration (2016)
RFJason Heyward$8.3002nd year of 2 year deal (2015)
CTony Cruz~0.7001st year of arbitration (2017)
IFDean Anna~0.5001st year of team control (2020)
IFPete Kozma~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
OFPeter Bourjos~1.6002nd year of arbitration (2016)
OFRandal Grichuk~0.5001st year of team control (2020)
SPAdam Wainwright19.5002nd year of 5 year contract (2018 + opt)
SPJaime Garcia9.3754th year of 4 year contract (2015 + opt)
SPLance Lynn~5.5001st year of arbitration (2017)
SPMichael Wacha~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
SPJohn Lackey0.500Option year of five year deal (2015)
LHPRandy Choate3.0003rd year of 3 year contract (2015)
LHPKevin Siegrist~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
LHPTyler Lyons~0.5001st year of team control (2020)
RHPCarlos Martinez~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
RHPTrevor Rosenthal~0.5003rd year of team control (2018)
RHPSeth Maness~0.5002nd year of team control (2019)
RHPJordan Walden~3.0002nd year of arbitration (2016)
GUARANTEED91.6259 signed
ARBITRATION (Est.)~15.3005 arbitration cases
TEAM CONTROL~5.50011 team control
TOTAL~112.42525 players

Note: I don’t factor in contract buyouts or salary obligations for released players. Any players who have guaranteed major league contracts who are on the disabled list will be shown above. This is simply a total of the payroll for the projected Opening Day roster, plus the guaranteed salaries of Major League players with the team.