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Piscotty added as 26th man

Originally it was believed to be outfielder Magneuris Sierra, but the Cardinals changed their mind and made the move today to call up outfielder Stephen Piscotty as their 26th man for tonight’s Little League Classic.

What happened

The Cardinals and the Pirates were given approval by Major League Baseball to use a 26th man for tonight’s Little League Classic game due to the additional travel required. Stephen Piscotty will be that man for tonight’s game.

What it means

Piscotty, who has struggled for most of the season, has hit well over the last several days in Memphis, batting .313/.421/.781 with 4 home runs in 8 games. On the plus side he’s shown a return of his power which has been down severely.

The question is whether this means that Piscotty is back for good or if it will just be a one day audition and what that means for the outfield playing time going forward.


Outfield is not exactly a need for the Cardinals’ at the moment, and even if Piscotty is back to normal, he would probably not be an improvement over what they have at all three outfield positions and might actually muddy up the situation.

In the second half Tommy Pham has hit .321/.419/.489 with 142 wRC+, Randal Grichuk has hit .305/.336/.581 with a 135 wRC+, and Dexter Fowler has hit .308/.443/.487 with a 146 wRC+. Add Jose Martinez in there and four of the Cardinals’ top-5 hitters of the second half have been their outfielders.

If he sticks around, and I think the odds are good that he does, who do you take playing time away from? All four have played well enough lately to deserve to start.

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