News: Tony La Russa to leave Diamondbacks

What happened. Tony La Russa will leave his front office position with the Arizona Diamondbacks at the end of the month.

The story. La Russa joined the Diamondbacks as Chief Baseball Officer during the 2014 season and served in that role through 2016 when a front office shakeup took place. He became the Chief Baseball Analyst this season and has elected to step down.

The numbers. When La Russa took over the Diamondbacks baseball operations, they were on their way to a 64-98 season where they finished last in the NL West. They won 79 games in 2015 and regressed to 69 games in 2016. This season they won 93 games on their way to a Wild Card nod.

The impact. 0/10. Well, for the Cardinals anyway. There’s always the possibility that La Russa could once again become involved with the Cardinals’ front office again, and I think that could be beneficial for the club. However, expecting La Russa to step into any kind of major position like replacing John Mozeliak as President of Baseball Operations or returning to manage the club seems like a pipe dream. In his statement, 73-year-old La Russa described his job with the Diamondbacks as “more demanding than I realized.” Not exactly the words of a guy ready to hop back into a top level front office or managerial job.