Notebook: GM Meetings, Day 4

This is it. The final day of the GM Meetings in Orlando, Florida. General Managers will return home and attempt to build on the face-to-face discussions they had this week as they negotiate via carrier pigeon and pony express until they all return in December for the Winter Meetings that still happen technically in the fall.

Not much happened today, but for everything that happened at the GM Meetings relating to the Cardinals, you can check out Day 3, Day 2, and Day 1‘s notebooks.

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Giants have been the most aggressive on Stanton?

Bob Nightengale is reporting this morning that the Miami Marlins are not close to trading Giancarlo Stanton, but that the San Francisco Giants have been the most aggressive in trade discussions.

This doesn’t surprise me too much. The Giants desperately need both outfield help and offensive help and Stanton would help most. The problem for the Giants comes in as they are generally considered to have one of the worst farm systems in baseball, hence their need to be more aggressive. The system has no consensus top-100 prospects. Their top-3 prospects according to (3B Christian Arroyo, 1B Chris Shaw, and RHP Tyler Beede) have all appeared on various top-100 charts this season, but never on multiple.

But the Giants’ offer sounds like it may be built around outfielder Heliot Ramos who is their #4 prospect according to and first round draft pick in 2017. Ramos hit .348/.404/.645 with 6 home runs in 35 games in rookie league this season.

GMs respond to trade requests with emojis and GIFs?

Ben Nicholson-Smith from SportsNet Canada with my favorite piece of reporting of the week. He reported this morning that he learned this week that GMs use emojis while texting about trade deals, but some also reply with GIFs.

And some actual news…

The Cardinals received the #39 pick in the competitive balance lottery. And Lance Lynn official declines his qualifying offer.