About the Author


I’m Jon Doble and welcome to Redbird Dugout, my site where I write about the St. Louis Cardinals. I started blogging about the Cardinals in 2010. I’ve done quite a bit of blogging in the past varying from personal to sports, but when I get the chance, I enjoy writing about my favorite sports team the most. I like looking at things from the analytical perspective, relying on statistics and quantifiable arguments to make my decisions. I do try not to let my bias show.

I’m not a St. Louis local, and have, in fact, never lived in St. Louis. My Dad was a fan and I eventually decided to stop rebelling against the concept of being a Cardinals fan and began following the team closely in 2003. One of my favorite players, even before he became a Cardinal, was Scott Rolen.

I am originally from Canada and have lived all over the eastern US, but currently live near Raleigh, NC, with my wife Suzanne. We have a son named Micah, born in October 2013. We have two dogs, Marble and Jax. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts Technology and should graduate with my Master’s in Business Administration in December 2014.