Oscar Taveras, 1992-2014

A baseball team is a family. We learned this through the reaction in July to the trade of Allen Craig and Joe Kelly. It perhaps hits a team like the Cardinals a little harder than most because of the “build from within” philosophy as these players all developed through the minor leagues together. Now we’re reminded of that again. Except this time he won’t be coming around every so often with the visiting team.

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Exit Interview: Shane Robinson

2014 Major League Stats: .150/.227/.200, 0 HR, 4 RBI in 47 G
2014 Minor League Stats: .304/.380/.398, 2 HR, 16 RBI in 53 G in AAA
2015 Role: Bench for St. Louis

When Shane Robinson was demoted in July, I said to myself, “There’s no reason Shane sees St. Louis again before September.” Then he was up in August again, called up after the John Lackey trade to balance out the roster with the loss of Allen Craig. He would play for a month, not meeting much more success than he had in his previous stints in the majors before his season was cut short while sliding into second base on a steal attempt on August 25th. He partially dislocated his shoulder and later had surgery to repair it.

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Exit Interview: Justin Masterson

2014 Major League Stats: 5.88 ERA, 28 G, 128.2 IP, 1.63 WHIP
2014 Minor League Stats: 5.40 ERA, 2 G, 11.2 IP, 1.46 WHIP in AAA
2015 Role: Starting Pitcher in the Majors

You can chalk Justin Masterson up on the list of failed John Mozeliak trades. Received in July for outfield prospect James Ramsey, Masterson was just coming off a knee injury and a rough first half in Cleveland. The idea was that the Cardinals had identified a few things that Masterson could fix and that they could turn him into a innings eater for them down the stretch. That idea turned out to be wrong as he started six games for the Cardinals with a 7.90 ERA before being removed from the rotation.

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Exit Interview: Pete Kozma

2014 Major League Stats: .304/.385/.435, 0 HR, 0 RBI in 14 G
2014 Minor League Stats: .248/.330/.372, 8 HR, 54 RBI in 117 G in AAA
2015 Role: Bench for St. Louis

It might have sucked a little bit to be Pete Kozma this year. After being the starting shortstop for the Cardinals all last season, Kozma was relegated to Triple-A Memphis after the signing of Jhonny Peralta. It could have been easy to excuse him for to lose motivation, but he seems to have not done that. He put together a solid season in Memphis, his best minor league year since he played in Single-A and was still, according to Baseball Reference, younger than the average Triple-A player.

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Exit Interview: Kevin Siegrist

2014 Major League Stats: 6.82 ERA, 37 G, 30.1 IP, 1.58 WHIP
2014 Minor League Stats: 0.79 ERA, 11 G, 11.1 IP, 1.15 WHIP in AA/AAA
2015 Role: Reliever for St. Louis

It was a disappointing year for Kevin Siegrist to say the least. After a historic 2013 debut, Siegrist really struggled to find his footing in the Majors in 2014. He pitched solidly, but with occasional bouts of trouble, unlike last season where he just dominated. Near the end of May, Siegrist made a trip to the disabled list with a forearm strain. When he came back in July, he struggled posting a 12.38 ERA over 9 appearances and 8 innings of work before the team sent him back to Memphis for a couple weeks.

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