Not enough time to judge Cardinals’ offense

It didn’t take very long for the complaints about the Cardinals’ offense to start rolling in. Averaging 3.7 runs per game, the Cardinals currently stack up just below the National League average of 3.75 runs per game. They’ve hit four home runs and stolen five bases and are hitting .241 with a slugging percentage of .349. This is all John Mabry’s fault.

Or is it? Can we even say that we know anything about what this offense will be this year based on the first six games of the season? I don’t think so.

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Will Jon Jay’s wrist open up the door for Tommy Pham?

Last spring I tweeted using the #SpringTrainingOverreactions hashtag a few times on Twitter and perhaps this article should be filed under that category too. For us fans who have had nothing to discuss all winter, except hypertheticals, it’s time to jump in and overreact based on statistics from a week of meaningless games. But why should we let that stop us. No!

Center field has been the target of a lot of discussion this winter. Rebounding from a dismal 2013 season, Jon Jay reclaimed what had been his by providing the Cardinals a quality offensive season and a plus defensive season. After a long contract negotiation, Jay finally agreed to terms on a new two year deal that bought out his two remaining arbitration years, but what exactly we’ll get from Jay this year is open for debate, and has been the subject of much of it.

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New commish would consider banning defensive shifts

Ron Manfred hasn’t been on his new job as MLB Commissioner very long and he’s already taken aim at a new trend in baseball. Defensive shifts. Manfred telling ESPN’s Karl Ravech during a sit down interview, “I think the second set of changes that I would look at is related, and that relates to injecting additional offense into the game. For example, things like eliminating shifts. I would be open to those sorts of ideas.”

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Jon Jay remains without a salary

Over the last 36 hours the news has come flying. The Cardinals had four arbitration eligible players to resolve. First it was Lance Lynn agreeing to a 3 year, $22 million deal. Then it was Tony Cruz avoiding arbitration for $775,000. This morning Peter Bourjos joined the club, agreeing to a 1 year deal for $1.65 million. The only one that hit this afternoon’s deadline unsigned was Jon Jay.

Now lets be clear about what this means and doesn’t mean because I’ve seen a lot of tweets today expressing regret that Jay wasn’t signed and how he needs to be brought back. The lack of a deal doesn’t mean that he isn’t still a Cardinal. He is still under team control and will be a Cardinal in 2015. The only thing left to be determined is what he will be paid.

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Rumor Check: Peter Bourjos

Over the past few days I’ve seen more than one mention that the Minnesota Twins are interested in acquiring Peter Bourjos. That is of note because last summer there was some reported trade interest from the Twins to acquire Jon Jay. With a beat writer even venturing to throw out some possible returns for the Cardinals in such a deal.

Trading Bourjos does seem to make sense. John Mozeliak talked about getting an idea of the trade value of a few players and Bourjos was one of them, but I still think that keeping Bourjos in St. Louis makes the most sense for the Cardinals, at least for one more year. And that’s not just me having fantasies of a Jay-Bourjos-Heyward outfield, even if it’s just once.

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