Jon Doble

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I didn’t really grow up as a Cardinals’ fan, though my Dad is a Cardinals’ fan. I spent a good part of my life rebelling against the idea. I did, however, become an Andy Benes fan on my 12th birthday as he pitched a rehab start for the Prince William Cannons against the Lynchburg Hillcats, in 1997. After the game, Mr. Benes took the time to sign autographs after the game and he signed my baseball, “Happy Birthday Jonathan, Andy Benes.”

So in 1998 when Benes became an Arizona Diamondback, I began cheering for them. Even after he left to return to the Cardinals, I stayed a Diamondbacks fan, mostly because I thought their jerseys and logo were cool. Then I got to watch them win the 2001 World Series as one of the few teams to ever get to Mariano Rivera in the playoffs.

It was the 2003 season that I decided to stop rebelling and finally accept my fate as a Cardinals’ fan. The 2003 offseason was the one where I really started following the Cardinals closely and despite many other fans being dissatisfied with the offseason, I predicted that the Cardinals would make the World Series the following year. Come October, I wished I’d actually predicted they’d have won the World Series, but you get what you ask for.

It was an NLDS game in 2006 against the Padres where a popup was misplayed by Mike Piazza when I turned to my Dad and said, “We’re winning the World Series this year.” Of course, he laughed it off. I’d noticed that the little things that could go either way were all going the Cardinals’ way that fall.

I remember the 2005 NLCS game against Houston where Albert Pujols hit the big home run off of Brad Lidge. My roommate, a big Yankees fan and fan of the game in general, and I were watching the game together. I turned away at the beginning of the inning going, I can’t watch this! A couple guys get on, Albert Pujols comes up to bat. He says, “Turn around, you’re going to want to see this.” The very next pitch Albert takes Lidge deep.

And those are just a few of my favorite Cardinals memories.