Molina’s loss could be trouble

As Yadier Molina grimaced in pain with every swing in the sixth inning, Cardinals fans watched and waited with bated breath, as they were hoping it was something temporary. The team’s most valuable player had to stay in the game. How could the Cardinals win without him?

With the pronouncement of a strained left oblique injury, that’s the question fans are asking themselves this morning. Even the team is likely asking themselves the same question. What are they going to do?

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Cardinals looking for more rest for Wainwright next year

After struggling through his second postseason start, a start there seemed to be some question whether he’d be able to make or not, the Cardinals have admitted that they will be examining ways to reduce Adam Wainwright‘s workload next season.

Last season he led the league in innings pitched, starts, complete games, and batters faced. This year, he didn’t lead those categories, likely as a result of the two times he was skipped. He ended up fifth in innings pitched, second in complete games, and eleventh in batters faced.

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NLCS Game 2 Preview: SFG @ STL

Madison Bumgarner pitched as well as expected and he did something Clayton Kershaw couldn’t. Keep the Cardinals from scoring in the seventh inning. Thanks to an umpire assist though. With Yadier Molina on third and Jon Jay at second, Bumgarner seemed to lose his balance on the mound after picking up his lead foot. Pretty much a textbook balk, except none of the six umpires on the field apparently saw it. Without the call, Tony Cruz struck out to end the threat and the Cardinals remained scoreless.

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NLCS Game 1 Preview: SFG @ STL

For the fifth straight season the National League representative to the World Series will be either the San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals, that is guaranteed. The team has been swapping the pennant around with the Giants making the trip and winning the World Series in 2010 and 2012, while the Cardinals won it in 2011 and lost to the Red Sox in 2013. If you want to go by patterns, it is the Giants’ turn.

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Dodgers fall in four games

I can admit when I’m wrong. Happily, sometimes. I had the Cardinals losing their National League Divisional Series in four games, but rather it is them who is on top. In fact, the results of each game were the opposite of what I figured while I considered the series last week. I had the Cardinals beating Greinke and losing the other three. But Greinke beat the Cardinals and it didn’t matter.

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