March 14th Quick Hits

Happy Pi Day, everyone Lohse dealing, McClellan lays claim, Garcia struggling. Kyle Lohse may not be the question mark many expected him to be this season. Lohse has performed much better than I expected so far in Spring Training. Through his first 13 innings thrown, he has allowed just 2 runs and 8 hits over […] Read More

Is Chris Carpenter a #1 pitcher?

The title is the question we've all been asking ourselves for a little over two weeks now as we consider the ramifications of the loss of Adam Wainwright.Adam Wainwright, 29, was a first round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves. He made four Baseball America top-100 prospect lists, the last one in his first season […] Read More

NL Central Preview: In Review

As I look at the NL Central Preview, I'm fairly happy with the results as they line up with what I expected to get. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed researching the other teams in the NL Central. Here is a look at the final standings: 1. Milwaukee -- 65 […] Read More

NL Central Preview: Closer

The lock on the door. The guy who shows up to inform you that the game is over. The closer. In the game of baseball, there is probably no position more ridiculed than that of a closer. Many teams have tried to do without, using a "bullpen by committee." For some reason, that never works. […] Read More

NL Central Preview: Starting Pitcher #5

After a brief hiatus (thank you midterms), I'm back at the blog. Spring Training has begun and the pressure is on to get this preview done, but I think it has been pretty representative. So as we near an end, with just this one and the closer remaining, I think this little experiment has been […] Read More

Spring Training Week #1 Notebook

The Cardinals' first week of Spring Training games went much better than the previous week. Despite opening up with a 3-8 loss against the Marlins, the Cardinals finished up their first eight days of playing games at 6 wins, 3 losses. Some quick hits on my thoughts about some things from the first week of […] Read More

Without Wainwright, do Cards have a chance?

By now everyone has read the news. Adam Wainwright has been sent back to St. Louis to have his throwing elbow examined after experiencing some discomfort during a throwing session earlier this week. According to an article about it at by Derrick Gould, Cardinals’ GM John Mozeliak considers it a significant injury and apparently […] Read More

NL Central Preview: Starting Pitcher #4

While Chris Carpenter and Kyle Lohse, one pitcher I've talked about and one I haven't yet, receive glowing reviews from the media and curse words from their teammates, I move on to Starting Pitcher #4 The Cardinals' #4 is Jake Westbrook. A pitcher that the Cardinals had long been pursuing and ultimately received as part […] Read More