Quad City River Bandits at Busch

Exciting news for prospect geeks like myself came out semi-recently that the Quad City River Bandits (Cards Low A affiliate) were playing Kane County Cougars (Royals Low A affiliate) at Busch Stadium on Thursday, May 26th. Tickets are all GA and are $10 and all concessions are half price. The more exciting news is Carlos Martinez is scheduled to pitch in that outing. That alone makes it worth paying $10 to get an early glimpse of the star to be in the Cards system. If you decide to go here are some key Cards prospects to keep an eye on:

Carlos Martinez – RHP – As mentioned above he will be the highlight of the night. He has Shelby Miller upside and to me is the 2nd best prospect in our system. He supports a mid-upper 90s FB with movement and very good control at only 19! His secondary stuff is underrated as he flashes a potential plus CH and CB and his SL will be at least avg long term. The word dynamite comes to mind!
Oscar Taveras – OF – He has been hit by the injury bug this year so hopefully he will be back in the lineup by the time they play next week. He has kind of an awkward stance and swing but don’t let that fool you. At worst he will have great gap power but I see more power to come as he grows. Definitely one of those exciting players that puts butts in the seats. BTW – in his limited time this year (just over 50 AB’s) he is hitting .500 with a 1.228 OPS!

Cody Stanley/Juan Castillo – C – Both of these guys are fairly exciting offensively which is a nice bonus for a C. Stanley is provides solid D both from a catch and throw perspective. Honestly I don’t know much about Castillo’s D…but hopefully I get to see him behind the plate next week.
Nick Longmire – OF - A favorite of mine from the 2010 draft he is currently playing CF but I project as more of a RF. He is struggling this year as he needs to improve on cutting down his swing and not striking out as often and show better plate discipline to take a walk more often. But the tools are there and he is definitely an exciting player.
Other Pitchers – You may or may not see depending on if they try to get some of there guys to pitch on the big stage or just play it like a normal game: Trevor Rosenthal (#3 SP in our system on upside), Justin Wright (he almost has 2K/IP) and Seth Blair (struggling mightily with his command this year).
The moral of the story is if you like to see who you might see in STL in a few years then go to the Cardinal’s website and get some tickets. Needless to say I already have my tickets and will post a recap after the game!

Game 43 Notes: Cardinals 2, Phillies 1

Jaime Garcia picks up no decision for the fourth time this season as he baffled the Phillies and held them to just 5 runs. Meanwhile Lance Berkman provided the walk off hit as I turned to my brother and said, “If we don’t score in this inning (that started with bases loaded, none out) we deserve to lose.” Luckily, we didn’t deserve to lose.
  • Jaime Garcia is having an incredible run. In his last three starts he has thrown 24 innings and allowed just 2 runs, only one of which was earned. That puts his ERA at 0.38 over his last three starts and 1.20 in May. Needless to say, he is in the zone right now and hopefully he can keep it up. What’s more impressive than Garcia’s 5-0 record and his sparkly ERA? The fact that he left two of those four no-decisions with the lead and has left no game while being behind this season. Tonight was also the first game that Garcia scored a no-decision in that the team won.
  • Albert Pujols‘ streak now at 22 games since his last home run. Or 21 if you don’t count the game he pinch hit and was walked in. However you put it, 22 is his career high mark set in 2007. During that “slump” he hit .327 with a .475 OBP. This one? Just .289 with a .357 OBP. The good news, if you can say that it is, is that Pujols hit .351 with 8 HR in the 20 games after his career high homerless streak. So we’re waiting for that point, I guess. He did go 3-for-5 tonight.
  • Fernando Salas picked up another perfect inning of relief tonight, quietly getting the job done. He came away with the win for his troubles. Salas has allowed runs in just two of his relief appearances this season and has had 4 appearances with a total of 4.1 innings since he last allowed a run.
  • Brian Tallet made his first relief appearance tonight for Quad Cities. He struck out 5 over 2 innings. Roster decisions will need to be made shortly as he looks like he’s sharp, which he’s been able to throw so it’s really no surprise. With Skip Schumaker about to head out for his rehab assignments, it will be interesting to see what massaging management tries to do with the roster. Do we carry 13 pitchers and send two position players to Memphis?

Hero of the Game: Is there really a debate here? Jaime Garcia. (8.0 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 1 R, 0 ER, 5 K)

Zero of the Game: I would have to go with Matt Holliday tonight. Why? He had his chance in the 9th to win the game and dribbled a double play chance at the short stop. The reason it wasn’t is that Philadelphia decided not to get fancy and just took the lead runner. (0-for-5, 5 LOB)

Game 42 Notes: Cardinals 3, Phillies 1

The Cardinals successfully christened by new television as Jake Westbrook out-dueled Cliff Lee in a surprising pitcher’s duel against Philadelphia tonight on ESPN.
  • After his worst start of the season, Jake Westbrook turned in one of his best. He went 7 innings and allowed just 4 hits and 3 walks while holding Philadelphia to just the one run in the top of the second. Westbrook, who moves to 3-3 on the season, has not had much to write home about this season as he has struggled in general. His ERA is now down to 6.07, much more respectable than the 6.92 he began the game tonight with.
  • Albert Pujols made his first start at third base since October 13, 2002, in the NLCS against the Giants. Apparently Pujols volunteered to play the position to give Tony LaRussa more lineup versatility against the left handed Cliff Lee. That allowed LaRussa to shuffle the lineup and play Nick Punto, potentially the best defensive infielder the Cardinals have, at second and Allen Craig in right field.
  • With another 0-for-4 performance, Albert Pujols posted his 14th game without a hit this season. He also extended his homer-less drought to 20 games, just two shy of tying his career high.
  • Fernando Salas, according to Derrick Goold on Twitter, turned in the first perfect inning for a save by a Cardinals reliever so far this season. That says something about our bullpen, I think. Also why the Cardinals are second in the major leagues in blown saves. 
  • Last note, is it just me or did Tony LaRussa look a ton better today. The week off did him well.

Hero of the Game: Jake Westbrook. (7.0 IP, 4 H, 3 BB, 1 ER, 1 K)

Zero of the Game: Allen Craig. Despite the shuffle to put him in the lineup, he goes 0-for-4 and left 6 guys on base tonight. I’m high on Craig, but that’s just bad. (0-for-4, 1 K, 6 LOB)

Game Notes: Games 29 through 41

It’s been a 6-6 run for the Cardinals while I’ve been gone and it’s been quite the busy one for the Cardinals. For one, Joe Pettini is the acting manager on this road trip while Tony LaRussa has been out dealing with his viral issues. I know I’ve been heavily critical of Tony in the past, but I wish him a speedy recovery so he can be back on the bench so I can continue to be critical of him.

Some of my thoughts on the last two weeks of Cardinals’ baseball.

  1. The Cardinals will definitely have a major decision on their hands when Brian Tallet and Skip Schumaker are ready for their return to the lineup. Likely both will take a quick trip through the minor leagues while the team decides what to do. Do you send Fernando Salas or Eduardo Sanchez down the minors because they are the junior members of the bullpen, or do you consider doing something with Ryan Franklin?

    While many Cardinals fans will instantly say that we need to DFA Franklin as soon as possible, I highly doubt the team will do that. However, I will be the first to admit that I’ve been wrong about a few things. Tony and Mo have surprised me with their moves, and just as I thought I was successfully getting into their heads.

    Salas and Sanchez have options. Obviously the coaches’ like Sanchez. Salas has pitched well too. So where does that leave Ryan Franklin, his $3.5 million salary, and his 9.88 ERA? Who knows. While I realize what Franklin has done for us, I give him the opportunity to pitch in the minors for the Cardinals to see if he can’t get it back, but also the opportunity to walk and potentially find another opportunity. Tough call, and I am glad that I’m not the one that has to make it.

  2. Swept by the Reds? Say it ain’t so. Chris Carpenter got slaughtered today as he allowed 7 earned runs over 6 and a third innings. Three errors in the series by the Cardinals as poor defensive play was once again the team’s hallmark. Ironically, the Reds committed four errors, which reminds me that the Reds’ offense was much more efficient last year on capitalizing on mistakes. The Cardinals’ offense has lacked this in recent years.

    While some of my Cardinals fan brethren are ready to pack it in after one bad series, claiming the Cardinals did a good job masquerading as contenders, these are really the same issues that the team has had all year. Nothing new is popping up. I think it was in the movie Glory Road where the coach says that the best players make the routine plays over and over and over again. That’s where this team needs to get. Don’t be flashy, don’t be fancy, just get the job done. 9 times out of 10, that’s enough.

  3. Jaime Garcia is a beast. One start he’s perfect through 4 innings, and the next he’s perfect through 8 and a third. I had some worry about a sophomore slump as the league caught up to him, but Jaime is proving that he has the potential to be one of the premiere left handed pitchers in the major leagues. The thoughts of pairing him up with Adam Wainwright as twin-aces again is highly tantalizing.
  4. Allen Craig played second base? That’s what I see and read about. I found it interesting to note that Craig was drafted a short stop. While he only played three games at the position in 2006 before being moved to third base, he at least has a capable glove. Which pretty much translates around the infield. If he doesn’t have the arm for third base, second base would be a good solution. Obviously, though, he’ll need innings at the position to truly be ready to play it. Inexperience reared it’s head, but not as badly as I expected. Could he potentially make a play to play more games at second base? I’d actually like to see that. He has the biggest bat of anyone on that bench or currently playing second base. It’d be a way to get it in the lineup.
  5. Albert Pujols is still hitting just .266 after today’s game. That’s not too far off the magic .300 number though. What is concerning to me is that, now at 19 games he is in the fourth longest homeless drought of his career. In 2007 he had droughts of 22 (his longest) and 20 games. In 2009 he added one that was 21 games long. In each of those three instances, he had a hot streak right after he broke out of the streak. So is a power slump signaling his getting closer to being right? Who knows. I guess we’ll find out.

Where have I gone?

Fear not Cardinals fans, I will be back. Over the last couple weeks I have gone through examinations and relocation. In Cubs-fan speak, I took tests and moved (Yeah, that was sort of harsh, Reds fans maybe?). Anyway, I will be back shortly for a few weeks with my typical Cardinals discussion and thoughts shared here. Then I will get married and miss about a week. I am, however, working on getting a third member of our beloved Redbird Dugout team who can help me shoulder the load that week and perhaps in the future.

Thank you to all who participated in April’s Cardinals Approval Ratings. I will get those posts up as soon as I can. There were some interesting and not all too surprising changes that I am excited to discuss.

I apparently have the hosting duties of Wednesday night’s UCB Radio Hour. That means I need to put a show together and some co-hosts. I need to work on that. But you can also check it out at 9:30 Cardinals time at Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday nights, where the best of the UCB (and me from time to time) tackle Cardinals baseball and any related topics.

I’ve got some notes over the last two weeks that I will likely share in a big recap post as well as I try to get back into the swing of things in my recapping and commentating. I’m going to be renaming “Game Recap” to “Game Notes” where I simply share my three thoughts on things that I saw in the game or trends I see developing with the team. All other news outlets give game recaps, and I think Game Notes better describes what I am trying to do. Share those things that I saw.

Just thought I would give everyone an update as the blog has gone silent for the last week and a half, about my absence and what I have planned in the future. As always, thank you for reading.